AGUAPAN - Asociación de Guardianes de la Papa Nativa del Perú

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Papas Ancestrales de los Andes

We are guardians of native potatoes from different regions. We live above 3,500 meters above sea level, where we traditionally and ecologically cultivate a range of native potato varieties, inherited from our parents and grandparents, mainly for the consumption of our families.

"Consumiendo papas nativas, comes rico y sano y colaboras con el sustento de las familias campesinas del Perú".

MISKIPAPA can result in a scalable project through the replicability of individual business models worked under the same umbrella. That means working with other crops as well: such as Andean tubers (oca, olluco, mashua) and many other products that are part of the agrobiodiversity managed by the high Andean small farming systems.

Join the conservation of our heritage!