AGUAPAN - Asociación de Guardianes de la Papa Nativa del Perú

¡Súmate a la conservación!


What is AGUAPAN?

AGUAPAN is an association of "custodian" farmers whose special concern is to maintain the varietal diversity of Andean potatoes from Central Peru and assure that its members have the opportunity to improve their wellbeing while conserving biodiversity. Typically, custodian farmers have a special interest in maintaining unique family collections of potato varieties. Yet, the same farmers that maintain the world's potato biodiversity often live in conditions of poverty with limited access to health care, education or high-value markets.

AGUAPAN, through the self-organization of custodian farmers, aims to build a direct link with government and the private sector for benefit sharing initiatives that aim to support agrobiodiversity conservation while improving the livelihood conditions of farmers.


A new model of self-organization for benefit sharing.